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A Handyman Dan


Dan Erler is the owner of A Handyman Dan with 30+ years of experience in the construction field. Dan is a native of Phoenix Arizona living and raising his family on his property for over 49 years. 

It is safe to say he isn't going anywhere!


Dan has experience in all phases of residential and commercial construction with years of employment as an general superintendent, certified home inspector, and a landlord of numerous commercial/residential properties.  He is always continuing his education and using the latest techniques and best practices for residential and commercial construction, and remodeling.


Dan has built a business  with great customer service and the knowledge that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business in this and any industry, along with high quality craftsmanship.  A Handyman Dan  makes their customers the #1 priority  no matter the size of the project.


A Handyman Dan  was formed in 2012 and is fast becoming one of the best handyman services in the north valley.

Not a licensed contractor, just a handyman.